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    Neonatal Unit Team

    Every year, we have about 1400 babies admitted to our neonatal unit. The majority of those babies are born in the Rotunda Hospital. The team caring for your baby is multi-disciplinary in nature. This means that healthcare workers with different areas of expertise contribute to the day to day care of your baby. The team is made up of consultant neonatologists, paediatric registrars and senior house officers, clinical midwife managers, staff midwives and nurses, neonatal nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, pharmacists, a dietitian and social workers. We also have consultant specialists in other paediatric disciplines such as cardiology and neurology that provide care. In addition, we have a very strong administrative team and clinical engineers that provide ongoing support.

    Going Home with your Baby

    If your baby has been in the neonatal unit for a long time, going home is a very exciting time but it can also be very overwhelming. Your baby will be ready for discharge when s/he is feeding well, keeping warm in a cot and gaining weight. The midwifery and nursing staff along with our neonatal discharge coordinator will guide you on how to care for your baby at home.

    Family Support

    Our philosophy of care in the neonatal unit is to:

    • Provide a high standard of holistic family-centred care to sick newborn infants and their families.
    • Ensure all care is individualised and developmentally supportive so that all infants may achieve their maximum potential.
    • Provide support and education to parents and family by maximising their involvement and facilitating good communication with all team members.

    For more information, you can download our Parent’s Guide to the Neonatal Unit booklet here.  A version in Polish is available here.

    The following links provide help and support to the families of preterm babies:

    For further information on the support services available in the Rotunda, please follow the links below:

    Breastfeeding/lactation support
    Chaplaincy services
    Medical social worker

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