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Keeping you Safe at the Rotunda Hospital
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The COVID-19 Vaccine is Recommended at Any Time during Pregnancy
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If you are Pregnant, you Should Get the Flu Vaccine.
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The Rotunda Hospital is a Smoke Free Campus. Smoking in the grounds of the Hospital, or near the entrances to the Hospital is strictly forbidden.

Visitor Information

One named, nominated companion may join for labour & birth, on inpatient wards, booking visit, 20-22 week anomaly scan, early pregnancy assessment scans, and the emergency room.

For other routine Outpatient Appointments, one Nominated Support Person (NSP) may accompany to appointments. We encourage patients not to bring children where possible (but understand that patients may not have an option due to lack of available childcare). For Paediatric Outpatients Appointments, we ask that one parent attend with their child.

We continue to strongly recommend that all pregnant patients take a Covid-19 vaccine, as well as a vaccine booster when eligible, and that all partners also take a Covid-19 vaccine.

Inpatient Ward Visiting Hours (GPN, Lillie, PSNT A&B & Gynae): 

8am – 8pm Daily

Patients will be issued with a second visitor card which may be used to allow a second visitor (Grandparents) to visit between 4pm – 8pm in effect, no more than 2 people will be permitted to be at the bedside at the same time i.e. the NSP and one other. Siblings of the newborn are welcome to visit between 2pm – 8pm but must be supervised by an adult, other than the mother, at all times. We encourage short visits by siblings where possible.

NICU Visiting Hours

9am – 7.30 pm

Due to the prevalence of viral respiratory illness in the community (Flu, COVID & RSV), mandatory wearing of surgical face masks is now required by all staff and visitors to our NICU. Parents visiting NICU are welcome anytime between 9am – 7.30pm and Inpatients may visit NICU at any time.

Parents may be asked to leave during ward rounds, nurse’s handover, or if there is an emergency on the NICU. We endeavour to keep these times to a minimum. Parents visiting the NICU will be required to perform hand hygiene as they enter into the unit and often during their visit. You will be advised about this by the NICU staff that are looking after your baby. If you are unwell or have respiratory symptoms we would advise you to contact the NICU to seek advice on visiting your baby. Unfortunately children cannot attend.

If you, or your partner, have recently tested positive for COVID-19, have symptoms of COVID-19, are a close contact of a COVID-positive case, or are waiting on the results of a COVID test, please do not come into the Hospital.

Our COVID-19 helpline is 01 817 2575 and is open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9.00am to 6.00pm.

Support During Admission for Labour and Birth

The Rotunda Hospital has some of the oldest healthcare buildings in the world, and is uniquely challenged in providing 21st century healthcare in buildings that were constructed in the mid 1700’s. The Rotunda Hospital is also Ireland’s busiest maternity hospital with large numbers of women coming to us for care. While our Delivery Suites were individually renovated in 2021 to the highest medical standards, they remain suboptimal in terms of size. The Rotunda Hospital is happy to continue to support and permit one named Nominated Support Person (NSP) to stay with any woman admitted to our Delivery Suites. One named Nominated Support Person (NSP) may accompany as appropriate for caesarean section.

Occasionally, we receive requests from patients who are seeking to have two support people with them for their labour and birth. This issue has been discussed at our Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) meetings as well as at our Executive Management Team (EMT) meetings. The outcome of these discussions is that the Rotunda Hospital is unable to support requests for second support persons to attend our Delivery Suites. Our Delivery Suite staff look forward to meeting, supporting and caring for you when you are admitted for your baby’s birth.

More Information for Nominated Support Person (NSP)

Emergency Room: NSP may attend for consultation- children not permitted to attend.

Day Assessment Unit: NSP may accompany for consultation. Children (other than newborns) not permitted to accompany.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit & Fetal Assessment Unit: NSP may accompany for scan appointments. Children not permitted to attend.

The Rotunda continues to make every effort to accommodate exceptions to our visiting policy on compassionate grounds when the need arises.

COVID-19 Visitor informationCovid-19 Info
Patient Care
  • Colposcopy clinic: 01 817 6841
  • Community midwifery services: 01 817 6849/01 817 6850
  • Early pregnancy unit: 01 817 6846
  • Prenatal diagnosis: 01 872 6572
  • Ultrasound department: 01 817 1790
All Contact Numbers
Hospital Info.
  • Day assessment unit:01 817 2524
  • Medical social work: 01 817 1722
  • Paediatric outpatients: 01 817 1728
  • Private clinic: 01 874 2115
  • Patient accounts: 01 817 1763 or 01 817 1764
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – N.I.C.U.

Around 10% of babies will require admission to the neonatal unit.  A large number of our patients are born less than 32 weeks gestation and weigh less than 1500 grams. Small premature babies (born before 34 weeks gestation) and sick bigger babies will be admitted to the neonatal unit for observation, treatment and ongoing care.

More About N.I.C.U.
Support for Parents

Rotunda Hospital has published a booklet on the N.I.C.U. It is written especially for parents with preterm babies.

Rotunda Colposcopy Unit – Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions that have been asked by women who are worried because of the recent Cervical Check controversy. We appreciate that the current, almost daily media attention related to the cancer audit has caused a significant degree of anxiety and concern for our patients who have attended the colposcopy clinic. If you have specific concerns, please phone the clinic and we will discuss your concerns. However, we have had such a high number of calls over the last three months with general patient concerns and queries that it is now negatively impacting on our ability to provide efficient service to high risk patients who urgently need to access our regular colposcopy service.

Before calling the clinic, we would be grateful if you could review the FAQs below as it is possible that you may find an answer to your particular query.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are worried about a smear result, but have not attended the Rotunda Colposcopy Clinic, please call the CervicalCheck Helpline 1800 45 45 55 or visit the Cervical Check website

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Just Pregnant

What type of care do you want? As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, contact the hospital so we can schedule your first antenatal visit (or booking visit). We aim to see women for their booking visit between 12-14 weeks gestation.

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Labour & Birth

Labour and the birth of your baby is one of the most exciting journeys that you will ever go through. After all the anticipation and planning, you will finally get to hold your baby that has been kicking away inside you for months.

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Women's Health

Gynaecology is the clinical area that focuses on the health of the female reproductive system. Our team provides care to women with general and specialised gynaecological problems.

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Child Protection at The Rotunda

Under the Children First Act, the Rotunda Hospital has a statutory obligation to prepare and publish a Children First Safeguarding Statement: This is a written statement that specifies the service…

My birth experience was so positive and lovely. Thank you to each and every person I have encountered here in the Rotunda. You must screen your staff rigorously to ensure they are of the highest professional and personal standards because everyone I've met is beyond amazing.

SorchaOctober 2021 - Beyond Amazing

We found the professionalism of all the staff to be outstanding. From the check-in staff, security, nurses, midwives, shop staff, cleaners, everyone made the experience incredible during what must have been the most stressful of situations firstly with Covid, but then compacted by the cyber attack, which happened a few days prior to our visit.

JoeSeptember 2021 - Professionalism of Staff

From the moment I walked into the hospital and met the girl on the reception I just met the most lovely helpful people. Your staff are an absolute credit to you, it's so lovely and reassuring to meet people who you honestly know want the best for you and want to do their best to care for you and your baby.

MargaretJuly 2021 - Lovely Helpful People

I am really enjoying the antenatal classes. The midwife comes across as so kind, calm, patient and enthusiastic which really helps with first baby jitters!

VictoriaApril 2021 - Calm Classes

I'm really busy with two babies right now. But every day I look at them, I remember that I must honour Rotunda, because it was these professionals who brought my daughters into the world. From the kitchen, cleaning, nursing and Rotunda staff as a whole. The Rotunda is the best in the world and I am very proud to have my daughters in this maternity hospital.

PatriciaMarch 2021 - Proud

I stayed in the hospital 5 nights - the food was MAGNIFICENT! The standard was so high it was an absolute delight at mealtimes to have restaurant standard food. Thank you so much & thanks to all your team. It made such a difference you have no idea.

NiamhAugust 2019 - Magnificent Food

Working in healthcare requires special skills and it is not for everyone. However, everyone I encountered during my visits and my stay was exceptional, as if handpicked carefully for their respective roles. I was always made to feel at ease and this helped me tremendously, as it was my first child.

MeeraAugust 2019 - Handpicked

Thank you and your amazing staff for what was a truly amazing maternity experience. From beginning to end, the few days I had in your hospital under the care of your staff left me truly humbled. As a Northside “Dub” I am genuinely so proud of the Rotunda and the fantastic team that make the Rotunda what it is today- well done and THANK YOU once again. From one happy and grateful mum.

MaeveAugust 2019 - Proud

I felt extremely upset and nervous when we received the news of the miscarriage, however the staff of the Rotunda gave us great care and support to help us get though the difficult time. We're hoping that we'll be returning there again in the near future for happier times and feel reassured that we will be treated well.

ÁineAugust 2019 - Nervous

We will forever be indebted to the wonderful, professional and caring staff of the Rotunda. At all times we felt completely confident in decisions being taken to ensure the safe arrival of our son. We were treated so kindly by everybody at all stages and were completely informed at all times.

CatherineJuly 2019 - Safe Arrival

No fetal heart detected at the anatomy scan. Whilst this was the worst possible news, I just wanted to recognise the unbelievable support we received. Difficult conversations were had in a very sensitive way. The Rotunda can be either the happiest or saddest place in the world. Thank you to everyone for all the care and support received in our darkest times.

JohnMay 2019 - Care and Support

I had only visited the hospital when my grandchildren were born. I was nervous but was put at ease when I saw how efficient everyone was - from the man who admitted me to the nurses, housekeeping, ladies who brought the meals. Big thank you to you all.

PhylisMay 2019 - Visiting Grandchildren

I was part of the community midwives scheme. I would like to report how amazing every midwife I came in contact with was. So extremely helpful and reassuring, no question was too big or small for them. Every member of staff in The Rotunda were absolutely amazing, doctors, midwives, admissions, cleaners, caterers - I could not fault a thing. Food was fantastic, every day I was excited and pleased with what was on the menu and have been talking about this non-stop since getting home!

CiaraMarch 2019 - Amazing Community Midwives

We had a wonderful birthing experience and that is due to the staff in the Rotunda. We encountered numerous wonderfully kind and knowledgeable staff who were only too happy to help answer our many questions. For two very nervous first time parents, we left the Rotunda feeling confident that we could take care of our bundle of joy.

GraceFebruary 2019 - Wonderful Birthing Experience

From the minute I registered with the semi private clinic to discharge the standard of care provided by your staff was exceptional. I attended the hypnobirthing and yoga classes which really helped us in our journey to parenthood. At every stage the staff took time to explain everything to me and in particular the midwives were so caring and helpful throughout.

MarianneJanuary 2019 - Standard of Care

Have to say great hospital staff are great, food is lovely. Had my baby girl there and two boys. I recommend anyone to have a baby there, they’ve always been great to me.

CiaraAlways been great to me

Nik from Spain delivered our baby Tara yesterday. They were all just so amazing, supportive, calming, professional, and nice to be around. I was contracting for 36 hours and felt so very happy to be there. Not a minute that I wished I was at home for whatever reason. Midwives were amazing! All of them from start to the end. Very grateful.

KikiMidwives were amazing!

I cannot recommend this hospital and its staff highly enough. From the empathetic but honest manner in which they helped my husband and I deal with the heartbreak of three miscarriages to the care and reassurance they provided throughout the course of two subsequent successful pregnancies, I can honestly say that the staff are angels in disguise. You will not receive better ante/ post natal care anywhere!

TrishAngels in disguise

Great hospital, with wonderful staff. I had my baby girl there 2 weeks ago and everything was perfect! Was an amazing experience and I highly recommend this hospital! Thank you to all the people that took care of me and my baby girl.

Anne MarieThank you!

Visited the Rotunda for an elective day case procedure and I have to say I couldn't fault them! From the admitting nurse to the anaesthetist they were amazing! They took my fears seriously and did everything they could. Special mention to Gynae nurses Mikey, Michelle and Ellen. Thank you so much for your kindness, hopefully will be back for a happier event.

Sarah AnneThey took my fears seriously

It would be wrong to leave without writing to tell you how much I have enjoyed the amazing food I received during my two week stint here. I know it's unusual to like hospital food and believe me, I can be fussy enough but I honestly couldn't have had nicer, healthier and tastier meals anywhere and they were something to look forward to when the days got long! And it wasn't just me who liked it, the other girls loved it too! What's more, the catering staff were all so lovely and friendly and served everything with a smile! Three cheers for y'all and thank you!

SineadSomething to look forward to

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