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Maternity Information Pack

The purpose of this information pack is to give pregnant women and their partners information about pregnancy, labour and birth, and the care of you and your baby immediately after birth. It explains why so many women choose the Rotunda Hospital as their ‘maternity hospital of choice’.

We realise that each pregnancy is unique and that women need information on all the various types of care they can have. We hope that this pack gives you all the information you need and we would be happy to get any feedback or comments from you.


‘Rotundapp’ is the first app of its kind to be launched by an Irish maternity hospital. It focuses on all aspects of pregnancy care, including a specialist neonatal information pack for parents of babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

‘The ‘Rotundapp’ provides medically accurate information to women from preconception through to 6 weeks postpartum and enables you to have immediate access to information and an instant connection to advice from medical experts.

Learning Hub

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

How Your Baby Develops and Your Body Responds

Options of Care

Antenatal Care

Pregnancy Information and Support

Problems and Concerns in Pregnancy

Preparing for Labour

Labour & Birth

Postnatal Care

Feeding Your Baby

Babies who need Special Care

Visit our Resources Page for Recordings of our Parent Education Classes and Downloadable Resources

Education Team

Parent Education

Our Parent Education Department run classes for prospective parents to help build self-confidence by encouraging expectant parents to increase their own knowledge and to learn about the many aspects of pregnancy.

Our Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Department are here to offer their expertise in healthy eating during pregnancy, and managing conditions like Gestational Diabetes. They run classes for expectant parents to make sure they have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics