Parent Education Classes

at The Rotunda Hospital

Parent education classes help to build self-confidence by encouraging expectant parents to increase their own knowledge and to learn about the many aspects of pregnancy.
Parent Education


Midwife specialists and physiotherapists provide the classes. A dietitian and social worker give extra help and advice at the first class, which is for mums-to-be only. Partners are encouraged to come to classes 2 - 6.

The classes take the form of relaxed, interactive discussions and demonstrations. They help parents to become more involved in the pregnancy. The classes also help to calm fears by explaining the physical and emotional changes that take place during pregnancy. You get a chance to share experiences with others and you gain the skills and confidence to make birth and parenthood a positive experience. We encourage all pregnant women to attend parent education classes. You will be offered an appointment to attend an introductory class (mums-to-be only) at your booking visit. The remaining five classes will start ten weeks before your baby is due. In the hospital, classes are held once a week and last for two hours. If your partner is unable to attend, a friend or relative is welcome to come with you.

Parent Education

Antenatal Nutrition Class

The Rotunda Hospital offers a one hour antenatal nutrition class with our expert team of Dietitians. The class is for all expectant mums attending the Rotunda, and takes place on Wednesdays at 1.00pm in Classroom 2 in the School of Midwifery.

This class includes information on:
• Healthy diet for pregnancy
• Food safety
• Nutritional supplements
• Morning sickness, heartburn, constipation, gestational diabetes and much more!

Once you are registered to attend the Rotunda Hospital you can phone (01) 873 0596 to book into the class at any stage in your pregnancy (the earlier the better!).

Call to book your Antenatal Nutrition Class
Parent Education

Course Content

Healthy eating during pregnancy
Exercise in pregnancy
Posture and prevention of back pain
Care and health in pregnancy
Tour of the delivery suite (depending on how busy it is at the time)
Signs of labour and admission to hospital
Coping skills for labour
Relaxation techniques
Care during the stages of labour, including pain relief
Baby feeding and weaning
Care of the newborn
Exercises for after the birth of the baby
Adjusting to parenthood – emotional and psychological aspects
Going home with a new baby
Family planning
Returning to work and childcare options

Refresher classes are available and are aimed at women who already have a child. If you find you are unable to come to the classes in the hospital, there are classes in your local community. Special classes are held for couples with support needs (including teenage pregnancy, hearing impairment, language difficulties, sight impairment and adoptive parents).