The Rotunda Hospital Dublin

Caring for Baby

The first few days and weeks of your baby’s life is a very exciting time. It is also very busy, so it is important to take plenty of rest and to avail of the help and support which is offered to you. We will show you how to care for and look after your baby in the early days and we will ensure that some early screening tests are carried out. We will give you information on important issues including early childhood immunisations, prevention of cot death and registering the birth of your baby.

Providing Care For Your Baby At The Rotunda Hospital

Care on the Postnatal Ward

You will spend the first few days looking at your baby.  You will notice every detail – the colour and texture of their hair, the shape of their hands and feet, and the different expressions on their face. The final colour of your baby’s eyes will not be clear until they are six months old or more.

Caring for Baby

Birth Registration

Please be advised, during your in-patient stay you will NO longer meet with a member of the birth notification team, as all required details for birth registration purposes is sent directly to the civil registration services. However, if there are any details unavailable to us, you will receive a phone call from a member of our team.

To register your baby in Dublin, Wicklow or Kildare you will need an appointment. There is now an online appointment system in place. To avail of this service, please logon to Civil Registration Service (births, deaths & marriages) and follow the prompts.

To register baby anywhere else in the country, contact your preferred Civil Registration Office as they may have a walk-in service.

NB: For marriages not registered within the Republic of Ireland, you must provide your original marriage certificate and if necessary a certified translation at the time of registration.

DAHR Registration contact details:

Caring for Baby

Going Home with your Baby

How long you stay in hospital will depend on the type of delivery you had or if you or your baby had any complications following birth. We recommend that you stay in hospital for at least 24 hours unless you are going home under the care of the community midwifery team (DOMINO and ETH). If you are breastfeeding for the first time and are not living within the community midwives’ area, we recommend that you stay in hospital for 48 hours. While in hospital, try to get as much rest as possible. 

Please note that your expected time of discharge is 11.00 am, unless otherwise indicated. We would ask that you please arrange to be picked up by this time.

Caring for Baby

Role of Public Health Nurse (PHN) & GP

The role of the public health nurse (PHN)

Once you have been discharged from our hospital we will pass on your details to your local PHN. The PHN will contact you and arrange to visit you and your baby at home. This visit will normally take place within 48 hours of you leaving hospital.

The PHN will arrange to carry out weight and development checks on your baby until school going age. The PHN will give you lots of information about local support groups and services. If you are under the care of our community midwifery services (DOMINO and ETH) then your first visit with the PHN will be after the community midwife has finished caring for you and your baby – usually around seven days after the birth.