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Maternity Care Options

Choose the care that suits your Pregnancy.

Your Care Options

Specialist Clinics

For most women pregnancy and birth are a normal, healthy part of their lives. The care you choose to have for your pregnancy and birth will depend on a number of things. Once you are pregnant you should make contact with the hospital and request an appointment. 

You will need to visit one of our specialist clinics if you suffer from certain conditions. Women with medical conditions, e.g. diabetes, cardiac disease or epilepsy should be seen as early as possible. 

Care Options

Public & Community Midwives

Most women are entitled to free maternity care as a public patient.

Antenatal care is provided in the hospital’s outpatients department. The clinics are usually held in the afternoon, except for the first booking visit and also some specialist clinics, which may be held in the morning or afternoon.

Also a public care option is community based midwife led delivery which works between the Rotunda and the local community. They provide maternity care to low risk women, who have no history of medical or surgical problems, which might affect their pregnancy. A previous complicated pregnancy or birth may also mean that care cannot be provided by the community midwives

Care Options

Private & Semi Private

Semi-private care is now fully consultant led for outpatient appointments.

Antenatal care is provided in the Rotunda Private Clinics, which is located on the main Rotunda campus. At each visit you will be seen by a doctor and a midwife. Care is usually shared with your GP.

Women booking privately with a consultant obstetrician will have their antenatal care provided in the Rotunda Private Clinics.

You will see where possible your consultant at each hospital antenatal visit and combined antenatal care with your GP will be discussed where appropriate.

Private Care Options
Semi Private Care Options