The Rotunda Hospital Dublin

Paediatric Outpatients Department

The paediatric outpatients department provides follow up care for infants born at the Rotunda Hospital. There are over 1500 clinics every year, which cater for 11,000 visits to the department. This service includes providing follow up for premature and term infants admitted to our neonatal unit, baby checks, feeding advice, follow up of jaundice in addition to dedicated infectious disease and neurology clinics for infants with specific conditions.

Paediatric Outpatients

The clinic hours are Monday to Friday from 7.30 am – 3.30 pm. It is important that you bring your baby to the clinic for his/her follow up appointments and if you cannot attend for any reason please ensure that you contact the department at 01 817 1728 in advance to cancel and/or rearrange the appointment.

Paediactric Outpatients

Presenting at Outpatients

You should contact your GP immediately if your baby becomes unwell. The hospital provides an out-of-hours service for newborn babies up to 2 weeks of age by appointment only. If your baby is over 2 weeks old, you should attend a paediatric hospital such as the Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street, as the Rotunda cannot admit babies of this age.

Paediactric Outpatients

Philosophy of Care

Our Philosophy of care in the paediatric outpatients department is to:

  • Embrace and welcome diversity
  • Provide appropriate care, education, and follow up to all infants and their families
  • Promote health
  • Empower and equip families and carers with the knowledge, and support to help their child achieve their maximum potential
  • Facilitate good communication between families, members of the health care team and outside organisations