Research & Education

Research Ethics Committee

The primary role of the Research Ethics Committee (REC) is to protect the safety, privacy and dignity of patients and/or participants in research at all times. The Committee shall also ensure that research proposals are ethically and scientifically sound, compliant with all applicable legislation and in keeping with the ethos of the Hospital and its Charter. Researchers seeking to carry out research in the Rotunda Hospital must receive written permission from the Research Ethics Committee.

Research Ethics Committee meetings are usually held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

For more information contact:

Colin Kirkham,
Research Officer.
Tel: 01 817 6813

Research & Education

Midwifery Education Centre

Midwifery education has been offered in the Rotunda Hospital since 1773.

It was the first hospital in Ireland, and one of the first in Europe, to offer a formal midwifery education programme. 

The Rotunda Hospital in partnership with the University of Dublin, Trinity College facilitates both the clinical and theoretical components of the higher diploma (postgraduate) and the BSc (undergraduate) in midwifery education programmes leading to registration as a midwife.
Research & Education

Library & Information

The library and information service supports education, training and research through the development of end user training programmes, document delivery and access to its electronic and print collection.

It provides information to meet the needs of individuals, departments and the organisation as a whole. It supports the use of evidence based practices and organisational research.

We provide a service to staff of the hospital and to university students during their allocation to the Rotunda. Registration is essential to avail of the library’s reference and 24-hour reading room facilities. Services include electronic journal, e-book and database access, loan facilities, computer and printing access, inter library loans and reference facilities.

Ms Anne M. O’Byrne, Head Librarian
Ms Sorcha O’Connor, Senior Library Assistant

Contact details:
Phone: 01 – 817 1795