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Preparing for Labour

Preparing for Labour and the birth of your baby is one of the most exciting journeys that you will ever go through. After all the weeks of anticipation and planning, your big day is finally here. At the end of this journey you will get to hold your baby that has been kicking away inside you for months and months.

Labour & Birth

Birth Plan

When preparing for labour, a birth plan is a way for you to highlight particular requests that you may have for your labour and birth. You do not have to have a birth plan – our aim is for you to have as natural a birth as possible. However, once you have completed your parent education classes, you may wish to make a birth plan.

Labour Assesment

The midwife will keep you informed about how your labour is progressing and give you an indication of how long your labour might last. She will discuss options and choices for labour with you. If you have made a birth plan, please let the midwife know.

Preparing for Labour

Signs of Labour

When will Labour start?

Most women will go into natural labour between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy. There is no way to accurately predict when labour will actually start; what we do know is that first time mothers are more likely to go over 40 weeks. It is important not to get exhausted in the early part of labour so rest is very important. And don’t forget to eat!

Preparing for Labour

Contacting the Hospital

Contact the Hospital When..

There are midwives on duty in the Emergency and Assessment unit, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Remeber they are only a phone call away at 01 817 1700. The midwife on duty will ask you some questions about your labour.

Contact the assessment and emergency unit if you have:
  • been advised to come straight to hospital once labour starts by your doctor or midwife;
  • contractions every 5 minutes, with pains lasting more than 60 seconds;
  • any vaginal bleeding that is not a ‘show’;
  • concerns about your baby’s movements;
  • severe, lasting abdominal pain;
  • headaches or blurred vision;
  • been feeling generally unwell;
  • your waters have broken; of if you have
  • any other worries or concerns about yourself or your baby.
Contact the Hospital on 01 817 1700