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    Birth Plan

    A birth plan is a way for you to highlight particular requests that you may have for your labour and birth. You do not have to have a birth plan – our aim is for you to have as natural a birth as possible. However, once you have completed your parent education classes, you may wish to make a birth plan.
    It is very important that you discuss your birth plan with your midwife or doctor well in advance of your labour. This discussion will give everyone a chance to go through your requests and agree them with you. If there are any areas where the hospital may be unable to meet a particular request, then you will be given an explanation for this. Once the discussion is completed, your midwife or doctor will sign your birth plan and a copy will be put in your healthcare record. It is important to have an open mind about your labour and birth. We aim to work in partnership with you and to keep you informed and involved in your care during labour and birth.

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