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    Medical Social Work

    The medical social work (MSW) team provides a confidential support and counselling service to all women and families attending the hospital for maternity, gynaecology and paediatric care.

    They can help you to access practical supports and they have up-to-date information on parent support groups, community services and welfare entitlements and benefits.

    The MSW team provides counselling support and advice on issues or problems in pregnancy which can affect your wellbeing including:

    • crisis/unplanned pregnancy;
    • coping with change/stress;
    • relationship issues;
    • bereavement – early pregnancy loss, miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death;
    • counselling for women attending the fetal assessment or early pregnancy unit and teenage clinic;
    • support for parents when their babies are admitted to the neonatal unit.

    The service is confidential and free of charge to all women.

    Medical or midwifery staff and other healthcare staff can refer you to the medical social worker.

    You can also call into the department on the day you are having an antenatal visit or phone 01 817 1722 for an appointment.


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