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    Role of Public Health Nurse (PHN) & GP

    The role of the public health nurse (PHN)

    Once you have been discharged from our hospital we will pass on your details to your local PHN. The PHN will contact you and arrange to visit you and your baby at home. This visit will normally take place within 48 hours of you leaving hospital.

    The PHN will arrange to carry out weight and development checks on your baby until school going age. The PHN will give you lots of information about local support groups and services. If you are under the care of our community midwifery services (DOMINO and ETH) then your first visit with the PHN will be after the community midwife has finished caring for you and your baby – usually around seven days after the birth.

    The role of the GP

    If you attended your GP for ‘combined care’ during your pregnancy, you should take your baby for a health check to your GP at two and at six weeks of age.

    Babies who have left hospital in the previous two weeks

    Your GP or PHN (public health nurse) or community midwives are available to deal with any medical or other concerns you might have about your baby. Please use these services. The community midwife or PHN will visit you at home shortly after your discharge and will advise you about any questions or problems you may have. They will also arrange to have the baby’s weight checked.

    The Department of Paediatrics in the Rotunda offers 24-hour medical emergency services to all babies born in the Rotunda for two weeks after they leave hospital. Between 7.30 am and 3.30 pm Monday to Friday you should bring your baby to paediatric outpatients (POPD). Outside these hours we will treat your baby in the assessment and emergency unit. We strongly advise you to attend POPD during office hours and to phone to arrange an appointment where possible. If you are not sure whether or not we need to see your baby, please phone 01 817 1728 for advice.

    If we need to admit your baby to hospital, we will usually admit them to the Rotunda. However, sometimes we may need to transfer the baby to another hospital.

    Emergency services for infants beyond 2 weeks

    For emergency services after 2 weeks you should take your baby to your GP or the local paediatric emergency department, as a maternity hospital has no facilities or inpatient cots to meet the needs of your infant.

    Your GP and public health nurse are available to deal with any medical or other concerns you have about your baby. Your local health clinic or your public health nurse can check your baby’s weight and advice regarding infant feeding, vaccinations and general newborn care.

    We provide an outpatient service for babies who have left the Rotunda between two and six weeks previously by appointment only. The outpatients  clinic hours are Monday to Friday from 7.30 am – 3.30 pm. 

    Babies who are more than six weeks old will only be seen in the Rotunda if they have an appointment or if it has been arranged in advance. Parents may phone 01 817 1728 for advice.

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