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    Early Labour

    These signs may indicate that you are about to go into labour. However, there is also a chance that everything will stop and you may carry on being pregnant for a while longer. It is important not to get exhausted in the early part of labour so rest is very important. If you are getting period-like pains, have a warm bath and go to bed for a few hours. Even if you cannot sleep, just relaxing and listening to some music may help you later on.

    Don’t forget to eat labour is hard work for your body so you will need food to keep going. Eat what you feel like. You may find that you would like pasta, bananas and other carbohydrate rich foods. Even if it is the middle of the night, cook some pasta and sauce if you fancy it. If you don’t feel particularly hungry, then try some cereal and milk or toast and honey. And don’t forget about fluids. It is so important not to get dehydrated during labour. While at home, keep a bottle of water near you and keep sipping it.

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