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    Baby Movements

    Right up to the moments before birth, your baby will be moving around inside you. At the end of pregnancy the type of movements may change and they may feel more like pokes, prods or wriggles. Babies do not stop moving before labour! They may have sleep periods but these will last for no longer than 45 minutes to one hour.

    If you are unsure about your baby’s movements, there are a few things you can do to wake your baby up:

    • gently rub your tummy and talk to your baby;
    • drink some cold water or eat something sweet; or
    • have a warm bath or shower.

    These things will often wake your baby up and normal movements will start again. You will be very aware of your own baby’s pattern of movement. If you have any concerns about the amount or type of movements you are getting, please contact your midwife, doctor or the assessment and emergency unit. Your awareness of your own baby’s movements is very important, particularly at the end of pregnancy.

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