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    Preparing for Admission to Gynaecology Clinic

    If you have been attending one of our gynaecology clinics and you require admission to hospital for surgery or you are admitted as an emergency patient, you are most likely to be in the gynaecology ward on the first floor. There are private en suite rooms and public wards.

    All gynaecology patients admitted to hospital, either as an inpatient or day case are liable for the inpatient statutory government levy, which is currently €80 per day, up to a maximum of 10 days payment in any one year. Medical card holders do not have to pay this fee. For patients with private health insurance, the levy is included in the prices listed below:

    • Accommodation in a single room per night is €1,000
    • Accommodation in a shared room per night is €813
    • Accommodation in a private day ward is €407

    All patients – please bring your medical card or your private health insurance details with you when you are admitted to hospital.

    Private patients should contact their insurance company before admission if they have any concerns about their level of cover. The Rotunda operates a direct payment scheme with the following companies:

    •  VHI Healthcare
    •  Laya Healthcare
    •  Aviva Health
    •  GloHealth
    •  Garda Medical Aid
    •  ESB Medical Provident Society
    •  Prison Officers Medical Aid Society

    Otherwise, payment of all bills is due in full, on discharge from hospital. If you have any queries, please contact:

    Patient Accounts Department by phoning 01–817 1763 or 01-817 1764


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