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    Ambulatory Hysteroscopy Clinic

    The Rotunda Hospitals ambulatory hysteroscopy clinic is a state of the art facility that is located on the grounds of the Rotunda Hospital. It is a one stop clinic to investigate and treat women with abnormal uterine bleeding, submucosal fibroids, endometrial polyps and infertility due to a uterine abnormality. The clinic runs 4 days per week, supported by our team of consultants, nurses and care assistants.

    There are 4  Consultant led clinics per week supported by a specialist nurse who ensures the smooth running and forward development of this service.

    The clinic is equipped with an ultrasound scan machine for both abdominal and transvaginal ultrasound.  The latest 2mm hysteroscopes allow diagnostic procedures to be performed by a vaginoscopic approach (without use of speculum) and without requirement to dilate the cervix making it more comfortable for the patient. We are also equipped with the Myosure device that allows resection of endometrial polyps and submucosal fibroids safely under local anaesthesia.

    Suitable cases for this service are identified from referral letters from GPs and other departments  in the hospital. On the day of their appointment, patients have a consultation followed by a diagnostic or operative procedure done on the same day and all within 30-40 minutes. All going well, patients can resume their normal activities after. To identify suitable patients for this service, please use our specific referral form.

    Our patient satisfaction survey has shown that the majority of our patients respond favourably in terms of pain scores, tolerability and acceptability of the procedures with most opting for outpatient management instead of GA, if they were to require a similar investigation in the future.