The Rotunda Hospital is delighted to support the National Maternity Experience Survey.

The Survey offers eligible new mothers the opportunity to share their experiences of Ireland’s maternity services — from antenatal to postnatal care — in order to improve the safety and quality of care provided to women and their babies.

All women aged 16 years or older who gave birth in the Rotunda in October 2019 will be asked to participate in the survey. You will receive the survey by post in early February 2020.

Find out more about the Maternity Experience SurveyFind out more about the Maternity Experience Survey


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Maternity Experience Survey?
The National Maternity Experience Survey is a new nationwide survey asking women who have recently given birth about the maternity care they received. The purpose of the survey is to learn from the experiences of women to improve the safety and quality of Ireland’s maternity services.

Who will be invited to participate in the survey?
Women aged 16 or over who give birth in October 2019 and have a postal address in the Republic of Ireland will be invited to participate in the National Maternity Experience Survey.

How do I participate in the survey?
All eligible new mothers will be contacted by post in February or March 2020. They will receive information on the survey and a link to the online survey.

What does taking part involve?
Taking part in the National Patient Experience Survey is very easy. Eligible patients will receive the survey by post a few weeks after their discharge, and the completed survey can be returned in the included Freepost envelope. The survey can also be completed online using a unique code provided on the postal survey.

Why should I complete the survey?
Your responses will provide us with important information on the standard of maternity care in Ireland. This will help us to identify where our maternity services are performing well and what needs to change to improve the quality and safety of care provided to both women and babies

What will you do with my answers?
All survey responses will be combined to produce reports on patients’ experiences of hospital care in Ireland. National results and local results are made publicly available on this website. The results of previous surveys can also be found under Historic Results.

I had a good experience in hospital — do I still need to take part?
Yes, please do! We want to hear about all experiences of maternity care — good and bad — so that we can get an accurate picture of the standard of maternity services in Ireland.

What type of questions will I be asked?
The survey asks about your experience of care during your pregnancy, during labour and birth, and care after your baby has been born.

Will my answers be treated confidentially?
Yes. Your answers will be processed in strict confidence and held separately from your contact details. Your hospital or home birth service will see anonymous responses only. Your answers will be solely used for analysis; they will not be given to commercial entities or used for commercial purposes.

What happens if I do not want to participate?
Participation in the survey is voluntary. While we would love to hear about your experience, it is possible to opt-out of the survey on the website or by calling our Freephone number 1800 314093  or by emailing us at info@yourexperience.ie

Where can I find out more?
More information can be found on Patient Experience Survey website

Freephone 1800 314093 (Monday –­ Friday, 9am – 5pm)

Email info@patientexperience.ie

Postal Address
The National Patient Experience Survey
c/o HIQA,
George’s Court, George’s Lane,
Dublin 7, D07 E98Y

Find out more about the Maternity Experience SurveyFind out more about the Maternity Experience Survey