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    Services Provided to the Public

    Services Provided for the Public

    Part 1 Service Level Arrangement with HSE

    National Cancer Screening Service 2017 Agreement

    Access to Services

    Pregnancy Options

    Maternity Services

    Options of Care

    Maternal Fetal Medicine

    Specialist Services

    Neonatal Care

    Gynaecology Care

    While you are receiving care in the hospital, we have a number of specialist staff and teams who are available to provide you with additional, help, support and advice to complement the care and treatment you are already receiving.

    Please see the Patient Care and Support services.

    Costs to Access Services

    Maternity Care

    Most women are entitled to free maternity care as a public patient.

    Please follow the links for information on fees for Semi-Private Care and Private Care.

    Gynaecology Care

    All gynaecology patients admitted to hospital, either as an inpatient or day case are liable for the inpatient statutory government levy, up to a maximum of 10 days payment in any one year. Medical card holders do not have to pay this fee.  For further information, please see Gynae Charges.

    For further information on fees please contact Patient Accounts on 01 – 817 1763 or 817 1764.

    Review of Appeal Rights Relating to Services

    Feedback and Complaints

    Research Projects Undertaken

    The Rotunda Hospital has five main research streams: maternal medicine, fetal medicine, neonates, infectious disease, health systems and education.

    Please see the list of current research projects.


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