Pregnancy is a recognised time of increased risk from COVID 19 to both the pregnant woman and her unborn baby. The Rotunda Hospital strongly recommend that all pregnant women, avail of vaccination, as soon as they are eligible to receive it.

As the vaccination programme opens up more widely, it’s now possible for pregnant women to register and access COVID vaccination directly through the HSE COVAX system.

The National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) recommends that pregnant women receive an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna), between 14 & 36+6 weeks. NIAC suggest that pregnant women talk to their maternity care provider (GP, Midwife or Obstetrician) before accessing the vaccine. However, if women are happy with the information available from HSE and our websites then they can proceed and book an appointment for vaccination directly through COVAX via vaccine.hse.ie

To make this process easier, we have developed cards that give the required details – i.e the dates between which you can receive vaccination from 14/40 to 36+6 weeks of pregnancy

We will be giving out these cards at appointments from this week, and once you have one, you can register for a vaccine through the standard portal at vaccine.hse.ie

If you’ve already had your first dose and are waiting on your second – the vaccination centre and the HSE have your details and will send you an appointment when available. Please note, the Rotunda has no input into the scheduling of second doses.

If you had your first dose while pregnant, but had to wait until after you had your baby for your second dose, please contact the HSE helpline to be offered an appointment – 1800 700 700