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Maternity Open Week

26th September – 2nd October

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We are delighted to announce our Virtual Maternity Open Week from Sunday 26th September – Saturday 2nd October.

Normally we would love to meet you face to face – but due to COVID-19, we’re moving our Open Day online and spreading it out over the course of a whole week, from 26th September to the 2nd of October.

From September 13th, you’ll be able to submit questions via our website. Our team of experts will record answers and post them to our social media channels over the course of our Open Week.

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There will be obstetricians and midwives, fertility specialists and sonographers, dietitians and physiotherapists available to answer your questions.

Prospective parents and mums-to-be will be able to get information on the diverse range of services that makes the Rotunda Hospital the Maternity Hospital of Choice.

We’ll have staff available to talk about the Hospital’s clinics and services, and the team from the Rotunda Private will be on hand to provide you with information on private and semi-private care options. You can ask the community midwifery team about services close to your home, hear about our breastfeeding support from our breastfeeding specialists, and ask our mental health team about emotional wellbeing during COVID-19.

We would also love to hear what topics you would like covered. Let us know what you would like to know about pregnancy and birth and we’ll line up some of our experts to share their knowledge.

We will also have some prizes and giveaways during the week for those who get involved.

Maternity Open Week
26th September – 2nd October

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