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    Diabetic service

    This is a combined obstetric/diabetic clinic led by Dr Fionnuala Breathnach, consultant obstetrician and Dr Maria Byrne, consultant endocrinologist from the Mater hospital. Women with known diabetes are asked to attend this clinic from early in their pregnancy. You may need to start taking insulin or, if you are already taking insulin, the levels may need to be adjusted regularly during your pregnancy. Good control of blood sugar levels is essential during pregnancy.

    You will have close links with the specialist midwives, Jackie Edwards and Aileen Fleming throughout your pregnancy as you will need to speak with them every week. You will also have close contact with the dietitian who will help you to manage your blood sugar levels.

    If you have diabetes or had pregnancy related (gestational) diabetes in the past, please contact the support midwife immediately you know you are pregnant to arrange an appointment. She may be contacted by phoning 087 – 683 2477 during normal working hours.

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