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Antenatal Care

The purpose of antenatal care is to promote good physical and mental health throughout the pregnancy and to make sure that all is well with the mother and her baby. It also aims to identify problems early and to treat them appropriately.

Your First Antenatal Visit

As soon as you know you are pregnant, you should contact us to arrange your first antenatal visit.

You can contact us by emailing

In keeping with best practice guidelines we aim to see women for their booking visit between 12-14 weeks gestation. At this visit you will be seen by a midwife who will take a detailed history and assessment of your medical, surgical, obstetric and psychosocial condition.

Following a review of the history, a care plan is chosen to meet your needs. You are seen by a member of the medical team if further consultation is needed, to ensure the most appropriate care pathway for the pregnancy.

A baseline recording of blood pressure and a sample of urine (please provide a sample at each visit) will be taken. Blood samples are taken and a dating scan performed by an ultra-sonographer. 

Your Booking Visit at The Rotunda

Finding Your Way to Your First Antenatal Visit

1. Main Hospital Entrance.
2. Turn left after the automatic doors.
3. Walk straight past the shop and through the double doors.
4. Walk through the door towards the Outpatients Department.
5. Walk straight along the corridor until you reach a ramp.
6. Walk up the ramp.
7. Turn left once you reach the top of the ramp.
8. Turn left into the room with seating.
9. Outpatients Reception.

Antenatal Care

Further Antenatal Visits

Having regular check-ups is important for you and your baby. 

Your return visits during the pregnancy will be shorter than the first visit and, although you may find some of the visits a chore, it is very important to attend them.

Antenatal Care

Your baby. Your body.

Pregnancy is one of the most important journeys that you will ever go on. 

To help you understand as much as possible about your pregnancy, this section will take you through your pregnancy week by week, to the day of the birth of your baby and it will give you information on the things that you should do during the different stages of pregnancy.

Antenatal Care

Ultrasound & Fetal Medicine

We provide diagnostic scans, blood and other screening tests to out rule possible abnormalities with your baby. The staff working in this area are highly specialised and will provide you with all the support and advice you may require.

Additional Screenings and Antenatal Services