Our ‘made-over’ Little Chapel

The Little Chapel is a space where families can say goodbye, share & create memories, & grieve a pregnancy or baby loss.

Thanks to the kindness of DFS & interior designer Alannah Monks, our Little Chapel has been given a makeover & made even more peaceful & serene.

We welcomed Michael & Karen, who lost their baby Alice last year, back in to see the revamped Chapel. Michael works with DFS, so this makeover was an especially personal & poignant one for everyone involved.

Michael said; “We were devastated by the loss of baby Alice last year. It was an extraordinarily difficult time for me and Karen, but we got incredible support and help from the Bereavement Team at the Rotunda. This team helped us create our memories of Alice, from every outfit the team placed her in, to the foot and hand prints we have at home and her resting place in the angel’s plots in Glasnevin. This room is where we all got to say goodbye, the Grandparents, Uncles and Aunties all included. Words can’t describe what the Bereavement Team did for us and we will be always truly grateful for that. We were so pleased that DFS got on board to do this makeover and they have gone above and beyond what we expected. This is our second time in the Rotunda this week as we were in for a scan, as thankfully, we are expecting again. We look forward to a new sibling for Ruby and our much loved and missed Alice.”

Our Bereavement Team are so appreciative of this act of kindness. They said; “We work with families whose lives have been changed in an instant. They are grieving, many are in shock seeing their dreams shattered. Having a dedicated space especially for them and their families is a small step in helping to ease their trauma.”

We are very thankful that, during this pandemic, our Little Chapel is situated outside the main hospital building, so we have been able to accommodate socially distant ceremonies that include all the support that bereaved parents need. Hopefully this refurbishment of this important space will also provide more comfort to parents & families at such a difficult time.

The Little Chapel before