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Rotunda UmbiFunnel Device for Cord Blood Collection


Principal Investigator – Prof. Fergal Malone

The Umbifunnel is a funnel shaped device that is used in to sample cord blood directly from the cut end of the umbilical cord after delivery in to a number of different sized blood tubes. The trial is to assess user preference and sample quality in comparison to standard methods being used in the hospital at present.

Current practice for cord blood collection consists of “milking” the blood from the distal end of an umbilical cord (attached to the delivered placenta) into tubes, which are then transferred in a lab to a smaller size tube.

The Rotunda performed a risk analysis of the cord blood collection process and found some risk points that required action. The most practical solution appeared to be a way of funneling cord blood straight into the smaller tube.

The UmbiFunnel is designed to secure the distal end of an umbilical cord and enable the safe and efficient transfer of cord blood into a range of laboratory containers. It is used on delivered placentas/umbilical cords and is not in the immediate patient care area.