Employee Referral Scheme

Do You Know A Midwife or Nurse Who Would Be Interested In Joining
The Rotunda Family?

The Rotunda Hospital are now running an “Employee Referral Scheme” for certain vacancies in Midwifery and Nursing.
If you refer a person and they are successful in starting with The Rotunda Hospital, you will receive a One4All Voucher of up to €1000.

About The Employee Referral Programme

If you “Refer a Friend” for specific vacancies in Midwifery and Nursing and they are successful in starting with The Rotunda Hospital, you will receive:
A One4All Voucher of €500 – issued when the person starts
A further One4All Voucher of €500 - when the person reaches one years’ service with The Rotunda Hospital.

To qualify please note the following

To qualify for a voucher, you must be an employee of The Rotunda Hospital at the time the person starts and at the time the person reaches one years' service.
• If you advise a friend/family member to apply for a Midwifery and Nursing position, please ask them to state “Employee Referral” on their application and ask them to state your name as the person who referred them for the position.
• You will only be eligible for the payment if the friend you referred is successful in their application and is hired to The Rotunda Hospital.
• The scheme is only valid for Midwifery and Nursing roles.

The “Employee Referral Scheme” is effective as of the 14th December.

*The employee referral scheme maybe withdrawn without notice at the discretion of the Hospital Executive Management Team.

*The employee referral scheme may be limited per employee should the reward exceed financial limits that may accrue pay implications.