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    DOVE Clinic

    This service looks after the specific needs of pregnant women who have or are at risk of blood and sexually transmitted bacterial/viral infections.

    For example you would attend the DOVE clinic if:

    • You or your partner are HIV positive
    • You or your partner are Hepatitis C positive
    • You or your partner are Hepatitis B positive
    • You or your partner have a history of drug addiction or drug abuse
    • You are on a prescribed methadone programme.
    • You are positive for syphilis infection.
    • You require management/treatment of vaginal warts, chlamydia, gonorrhoea or herpes.

    Members of the DOVE clinic team

    While attending the DOVE clinic, you will receive care from a multidisciplinary team who will provide individualised care throughout your pregnancy and birth of your baby. At your clinic visits you will meet Dr Maeve Eogan, consultant obstetrician, the DOVE liaison midwife Mairéad Lawless, and/or the addiction liaison midwife as well as the DOVE clinic social worker. You may also be seen by the consultant in infectious diseases, Dr Jack Lambert. After giving birth, your baby will be reviewed by the paediatrician from the DOVE team, Dr Wendy Ferguson.

    It is important that you feel comfortable and can discuss issues openly with the team at the clinic and we hope that attending the clinic is a positive experience for you and your baby. You may contact the DOVE liaison midwife directly by phoning 087 – 415 1478 during office hours.

    For further information on the DOVE clinic please see the DOVE clinic booklet.

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