Welcome to the second edition of the Rotunda GP Connect

This is a tremendously exciting time for the Rotunda as we have now implemented our electronic healthcare record system, known as MN-CMS. All new patients booking through the Rotunda for obstetric care are being managed using only an electronic chart – the well recognized “blue charts” of old are firmly now a thing of the past.

We hope that this system will yield efficiencies for how you and your practice interact with us here in the Rotunda. Indeed, this topic has been the subject of an ICGP Rapid Recall Education Series video, together with another video on how to get the most out of prenatal screening tests.


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I would like to invite all of our GPs to our next GP Study Evening, scheduled for May 24th 2018. We are already finalizing what will be a superb programme and, as usual, we would be delighted to hear feedback from our GPs on any particular topics that may be of interest.


One of our other new programmes at the moment is to improve your access to information about the Rotunda, its staff and its range of available services. With this in mind, we have recently relaunched a much more user-friendly website for private patients at www.rotundaprivate.ie, while at the same time also revamping our general www.rotunda.ie web presence. We would be grateful for any feedback on how our websites may assist you in seeking our information as well as efficient care pathways for our mutual patients.

Best Wishes,
Professor Fergal Malone,
Master, The Rotunda Hospital


In this issue:
Catherine Halloran, Assistant Director of Midwifery, brings us through the care pathway for antenatal visits in the Rotunda Hospital,
Dr Jennifer Donnelly, Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, discusses co-ordinated care for women with pre-exisiting conditions,
Prof. Afif El-Khuffash, Consultant Neonatologist, talks about Tongue Tie and breastfeeding,
Maura Lavery, Clinical Midwife Specialist in Lactation, explores the supports for breastfeeding in the Rotunda and elsewhere,
Brian Cleary, Chief Pharmacist, reviews the most recent evidence relating to the use of psychotropic medicines during pregnancy.

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