Welcome to the third edition of the Rotunda GP Connect

I am delighted to introduce this, our third edition, of the Rotunda GP Connect E-zine. This is a new effort by the Rotunda to reach out to our GP colleagues in the Rotunda catchment area in an effort to optimize the services that we provide for you and your patients. You may have noticed that in the last number of months we have embarked on a major effort to improve our communication with GP practices, both in terms of more efficient referral pathways and more information on services available at the Rotunda. We have also taken steps to make it easier to access relevant on-line resources (rotunda.ie and rotundaprivate.ie), and our GP Liaison Relationship Manager (Eleanor Power – 087 194 8940) is available at all times to assist you in getting the most from the Rotunda.

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GP Study Evenings

We have now completed two, very well-attended, GP study evenings at the Rotunda, with the topics of presentations selected by our own GPs. These topics have included up-to-date treatment of hypertension in pregnancy, management of early pregnancy bleeding, and dealing with infant breastfeeding challenges. We would encourage you to provide us continued feedback on areas of technical interest for your practice that we can assist with, either in terms of future GP study evenings or by direct contact from our consultants.

Electronic Referrals

In November 2017, the Rotunda was the first free-standing maternity hospital to implement a complete Electronic Healthcare Record system (MN-CMS). After six months, we are now very confident of its utility, functionality and efficiency. In order to optimize our Electronic Healthcare systems, we will shortly be removing fax machines from the Rotunda and will be accepting all referrals by electronic means. Our GP Liaison Relationship Manager can be contacted for assistance in optimizing your referrals to the Rotunda in the future.

In this edition of the Rotunda GP Connect E-zine, we have provided an update on thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy, managing episiotomy problems, optimizing treatment of diabetes in pregnancy, outpatient hysteroscopy and challenges with intrauterine contraceptive devices. We hope that this latest E-zine is of value for you and your practice. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any queries or if we can assist you in any way with your interactions with the Rotunda.

Best Wishes

Prof Fergal Malone

Master, Rotunda Hospital

In this issue:
Prof Fionnuala Breathnach, Associate Professor Obstetrics and Gynaecology, talks about Thyroid dysfunction in pregnancy.
Dr Maeve Eogan, Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, discusses Episiotomy – why it’s done and how we manage complications.
Jackie Edwards, Clinical Midwife Manager Diabetes, explores our multidisciplinary approach to diabetes in pregnancy.
Marian McBride, Senior Dietitian, gives some pre-pregnancy dietary advice for women with Type II diabetes.
Dr Eve Gaughan, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, brings us through the Ambulatory Hysteroscopy Clinic and the GP-led IUD clinic.
As well as updates on GP Referrals, the Rotunda Private Clinics Gynaecology services, and news, events and awards from the Rotunda Hospital.

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