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Reducing Emergency Caesareans and Improving Primiparous Experience


Principal Investigator – Prof. Fionnuala Breathnach and Dr. Niamh Murphy

The aim of the study is to test a formula which we have developed previously, from the GENESIS study, which may help us to predict which women may be most at risk of requiring an emergency caesarean section delivery during the labour of their first baby. This will help us to optimise the best possible care for all pregnant women.

We would now like to expand this study to test the formula in women who are currently pregnant in the Rotunda Hospital.

We would also like to look at women’s level of satisfaction with their care duing their labour and delivery, particularly those who have required an emergency caesarean section. With this in mind, we aim to follow up with the women involved in this study at three months after the birth of their babies.

This would hopefully help us in the future to help predict which women might be at a higher risk of an emergency caesaren section and this would help us in planning the optimum care for these women in their pregnancies.