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    A colposcopy is a simple examination that is carried out in the same way as a smear test. A doctor or nurse will look at your cervix (neck of the womb) using a type of microscope called a colposcope. During the examination, a liquid or dye may be applied to the cervix to help identify any changes to the cells and to decide if any treatment is needed.

    The colposcopy service in the Rotunda operates in association with ‘CervicalCheck’, the national cervical screening programme. It’s an outpatient clinic staffed by a dedicated multidisciplinary team, led by Dr Paul Byrne, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist.

    CervicalCheck has established a network of quality assured colposcopy clinics in the event that a woman requires further investigation following a smear test. The vast majority of women screened as part of the national cervical screening programme will only require a smear test. A small minority (2-5%) of all women screened will require further investigation or treatment at a dedicated colposcopy clinic.

    Philosophy of Care

    • Every woman has unique needs; individual care is designed to meet your needs, requirements and wishes. We  will listen to you and support your wishes.
    • Every effort is made to ensure that you receive the excellent standard of care that you deserve.
    • We will give you all the advice and facts you need to help you make an informed choice regarding your care
    • We endeavour to ensure a safe, comfortable and friendly environment. We respect your privacy and dignity at all times
    • Our care is provided by a committed, informed and skilled multidisciplinary team and supported by research and education

    Requests for an appointment at the clinic must be received from a registered cervical smear taker. The CervicalCheck referral form must be completed in full and include the following information:

    • Copy of the smear results
    • Information on any previous colposcopy history
    • Patient contact information, including mobile phone number
    • Information on any special requirements e.g. interpreting service.

    The referral form should be sent to:
    Colposcopy Unit,
    The Rotunda Hospital,
    Parnell Square,
    Dublin 1.

    The referral form will be reviewed by a doctor and an appointment will be sent to the patient. The referring cervical smear taker will also be notified of the appointment date.

    Contact details:
    Secretary (appointment information) Tel: 01 – 817 6841
    Fax: 01 – 817 1733
    Colposcopy nurses (queries about the colposcopy examination)
    Tel: 01 – 817 6844, 817 6874 or 817 2518

    Useful Links:
    National Cervical Screening Programme website

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