The Rotunda Hospital, celebrating 275 years,

presents the Irish Doctors Orchestra & the Irish Doctors Choir,

conducted by Prionnsías Ó Duinn

Renowned conductor Prionnsías Ó Duinn will conduct renditions of music by Handel, Bach, Mozart & more, in the exquisite surrounds of the Pillar Room in The Rotunda Hospital.

Joining Prionnsías, and soprano soloist Ava Dodd, will be the Irish Doctors Orchestra and Irish Doctors Choir – a musical ensemble comprised of talented medics from all over Ireland.

In the decades following its establishment in 1745, the financial buoyancy of the Rotunda Hospital was contingent on the proceeds of classical music concerts. The Rotunda (or “Round Room”) was, in fact, purpose-built to host fundraising concerts for the adjacent “Lying-In” (Maternity) hospital. In the ensuing decades, in recognition of its unique role in Dublin concert life, further structures were added to the hospital, including the unique and majestic Pillar Room. For almost a century, the Rotunda was Ireland’s leading concert venue, playing host to a litany of Irish and foreign artists, among them Hungarian pianist Franz Liszt and Italian violinist Nikolai Paganini. Irish pianist John Field performed here, aged nine, in 1797.

It is fitting that this special occasion is marked by recognising the unique association between the Rotunda Hospital and music. This afternoon performance brings together musical medics from across Europe, comprising members of the European Doctors’ Orchestra and the Irish Doctors’ Choir, under the artistic direction of Proinnsías Ó Duinn. We are delighted to be joined by leading Irish soprano, Ava Dodd.

The Rotunda Hospital and our charity partners, The Rotunda Foundation, are proud to invite you to join us and honour the legacy of our founder Barthlomew Mosse at this this once in a lifetime concert to mark the historical 275th anniversary of our founding.

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