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GP Referral pathway Rotunda Menopause Clinic

GP Information


  • postmenopausal bleeding on HRT : REFER directly for hysteroscopy / as per PMB guidelines

Referrals for women with a complex medical history:

(Please include the following with referral)

  • Breast Cancer: relevant correspondence regarding diagnosis, most recent mammogram/ screening.
  • Abnormal LFTs: recent liver function results and any relevant correspondence  regarding diagnosis
  • Epilepsy: current medications, information re. seizure control, contraceptive history
  • Estrogen -dependent cancers: correspondence regarding diagnosis and information about treatment/ surgery etc.
  • Migraine: please outline if there is a history of aura/ catamenial migraine
  • VTE: spontaneous/ precipitated, contraceptive history, current risk factors for VTE. Information regarding anticoagulation
  • Family history of breast cancer: outline family members and any information about diagnosis. Recent mammogram/ screening results.
  • Ischemic Heart Disease/ Stroke: information regarding diagnosis, documentation regarding most recent cardiac investigations, recent BP and lipids, smoking status
  • Premature Ovarian Insufficiency: >4 months of amenorrhoea, with no other cause. Bloodwork; 2 x FSH levels taken > 6 weeks apart, LH, estradiol, prolactin level, TFTs,

For all referrals:
– Please note referral to the Rotunda Menopause Clinic is by GP only through Healthlink.

– Please include a list of current medications, outline any previous HRT and hormonal contraceptive history, most recent BP, record of most recent screening (eg mammogram, cervical smear, DEXA) and any pelvic ultrasound/ imaging results

Complex Menopause Referral Criteria:

Past or current medical history of:

  1. Current or past history of cancer (particularly breast or other gynaecological cancers)
  2. Abnormal liver function
  3. Venous thromboembolism/ Factor V Leiden
  4. Cardiovascular disease / Vascular disease
  5. Cerebrovascular accident
  6. Epilepsy
  7. Premature Ovarian Insufficiency/ surgical or medical menopause
  8. Immunological diseases
  9. Significant Family history of breast / ovarian or endometrial cancer
  10. Patients with a history of BRCA diagnosis
Rotunda Menopause Clinic