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    Visiting policy

    *Please note – Current Visiting is restricted due to COVID-19. Our current visiting restrictions are available on *

    The Rotunda Hospital has a visiting policy so we can have a safe and secure environment for women, babies and staff by controlling the number of visitors at any one time.

    You will get a copy of the visiting policy when you are admitted to hospital.

    Visiting hours

    Immediate family visiting times:

    • The woman’s partner or one other named person will get a nominated visitor card when the woman is admitted.
    • This means the named person can visit at any time during the day (8.00 am – 8.00 pm).
    • The woman’s children (under 18s only) may visit between 2.00 pm and 8.00 pm but must be supervised by an adult, other than the mother, at all times.  
    • The woman’s parents or partner’s parents may visit between 4.00 pm and 8.00 pm. no more than 2 people will be permitted to be at the bedside at the same time i.e. the NSP and one other. 

    General visiting times:

    Monday to Sunday between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm.

    Only two visitors and the woman’s partner or the named person can visit at any one time.

    • In certain cases there may be exceptions to the visiting policy.
    • You should talk to the ward manager or the night superintendent about this.
    • They will decide on each request and if it is granted they will then arrange it with the security and reception staff.

    Ultrasound and fetal medicine centre

    • A partner may accompany the woman to all her scan appointments. We encourage patients not to bring children where possible (but understand that patients may not have an option due to lack of available childcare).

    Delivery suite

    • One named, nominated companion may join for labour & birth

    Neonatal unit

    • Only parents may visit the neonatal unit. This is to help reduce the risk of infection for sick newborn infants.
    • There are certain times during the day when we restrict visiting, for example, during the daily medical ward round, the nursing handover and during some medical procedures.
    • If you visit during these times we will ask you to wait in the waiting room.

    Restrictions to visiting

    • From time to time it may be necessary to restrict visiting for example, due to high levels of illness in the community.
    • During these times, only the nominated visitor may visit.
    • No other visitors will be allowed including all children, grandparents, relatives and friends.
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