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    Rotunda FAQs

    How many beds in a public ward?

    The number of beds varies greatly. Rooms in the prenatal ward have between six and ten beds and the postnatal ward has between three and eleven beds per room. In the gynaecology ward, there are between five and eight beds in a public ward.

    Do I need a letter from my GP to be seen in the Rotunda?

    If you are pregnant and want to attend the Rotunda for maternity care, you do not need a letter from your GP. You can review the options of maternity care available on the website and contact the relevant department directly for an appointment. If you have a gynaecology problem, you will need a referral letter from your GP before you can be seen by a doctor.

    A friend of mine has recently had a baby in the Rotunda. Can I send her flowers?

    Yes, flowers are allowed in the hospital. They can either be delivered or you can bring them with you at visiting time

    Will I be offered a high fibre diet after giving birth?

    You will be given a menu card every day, which outlines the food choices available to you. The choices include healthy and high fibre options for all meals. If you have any special requirements please let a member of the catering staff know.

    What are the parking facilities for visitors?

    Parking is available on the Rotunda site in the evening time and at weekends. Please follow this link for further information on local parking facilities.

    I want a copy of my healthcare records. How long will it take?

    We will try to have the records copied within 40 days. However, sometimes it can take longer, but we will let you know. Please give us as much notice as possible.

    I have been given an appointment which I cannot attend. How do I get the appointment date changed?

    It is very important that you inform us that you cannot attend an appointment. This appointment time can then be offered to somebody else. Please phone the relevant outpatient service and tell us details of the appointment. We will gladly offer you an alternative appointment date.

    Is there a shop or café in the Rotunda?

    Café Rotunda is located beside the main reception desk. It provides a sit-down and ready to go service. It stocks baby gifts including clothes and soft toys, toiletries, call credit and lots of reading material and snacks. The menu includes bagels, toasted paninis, wraps, sandwiches and salads. It is generally open from 7.30 am – 9.00 pm Monday to Friday and from 9.00 am – 9.00 pm Saturday and Sunday.

    I have special dietary requirements. Will the catering staff be able to provide me with the food I need?

    A member of the catering department will visit you every day offering you menu choices for all meals. They will take note of any special dietary requirements you may have. They will link with the dietitian as necessary to ensure that you get food which is suitable to your needs.

    I am waiting for test results. When will I get them?

    It depends on the tests that were taken. If you were told that you would be contacted with the results, please keep your mobile phone close at hand so that you can be contacted with the results. You should contact the actual department or the person you were dealing with if you have any further queries.

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