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    Freedom of Information Requests

    Applying for personal records and records of the deceased:

    If you want to get a copy of your own records you can send your request in writing or complete an FOI request form.

    Your request must contain the following:

    • The name of the person whose records you are seeking
    • Their date of birth
    • Their address at the time of attendance
    • Details of the information you are looking for
    • Your contact address and telephone contact details
    • A photocopy of photo ID – either your passport or your driving licence
    • Additional state issued documentation must be provided for some applications as proof of relationship and you will be advised of this as we start to process your request

    Accessing records of the deceased:

    The Rotunda Hospital believes that all patient information has been provided to us confidentially and you may not be given access to another person’s records.  Applications for the personal information of someone who is deceased are only processed under the Freedom of Information Act. Each request is considered based on the information provided.

    The death certificate of the deceased must accompany the request along with proof of your relationship.

    You can send your request to us by post to:
    Freedom of Information Section,
    Quality and Patient Safety Department,
    The Rotunda Hospital,
    Parnell Square,
    Dublin 1.

    By e-mail to:


    Fees may apply for some personal records, for example copies of x-rays.  Once we commence working on your request we will be in contact with you regarding any fees that may apply.

    Making a payment:

    • Do not send cash in the post
    • Cheques and postal orders can be made payable to “The Rotunda Hospital”
    • Cash payments accompanied with your letter outlining fees will be accepted at the Patient Accounts Department in the Hospital

    How long will the request take?

    Your request should be processed within 28 days.  However, there are some circumstances where it may take longer.  We will advise you of this and of your rights of appeal under the legislation.

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