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    Day Case – Gynaecology

    Women who are coming into hospital for a day case procedure are usually asked to arrive at the hospital for 7.30 am. Check in with the staff at the reception desk and they will organise for somebody to meet you, review your contact details and organise your admission to the ward. On the ward you will be seen by the midwife/nurse and the doctor. If you are taking any medication, please bring it with you or else know exactly what you are taking.

    When you are preparing for your admission, please pack a small bag which includes your toiletries, towel, night wear, dressing gown, sanitary wear and slippers. Sometimes, women may be kept in hospital overnight, so organise in advance for somebody to mind your children, if necessary.

    You should ask your partner or friend to ring the gynaecology ward at 12 noon to find out what time you will be discharged. You must have somebody to collect you and drive you home from hospital. Usually, you will be discharged from hospital 3-4 hours after having the procedure.

    We will give you instructions about any follow up care which may be required. If you need a letter for work, don’t forget to ask the doctor for it before you are discharged. If you need a social welfare certificate you can get it from your GP.


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