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    Assessment and Emergency Unit

    The assessment and emergency unit provides a 24-hour service for the examination and assessment of women who come in with signs of labour, complications of pregnancy, complications in the postnatal period or acute gynaecological emergencies. It is located on the ground floor, opposite the main reception area.

    You may contact the assessment and emergency unit for advice at any time by phoning 01 817 1700. Remember to bring your healthcare record with you to each hospital attendance.

    On Arrival

    The staff at the main reception desk will check some information with you and inform a midwife in the unit that you have arrived. The midwife will aim to see you within 10 minutes of your arrival. She will talk to you about your symptoms or concerns. She will review your healthcare record and will carry out an examination and assessment to find out how urgently you need to be reviewed. This is called a ‘triage’ consultation. The urgency of your review will be categorised as emergency (red), urgent (orange) or non urgent (green). The midwife will decide if you need to be seen by a doctor and will tell you how long you are likely to be waiting.

    You will be seen as quickly as possible and in order of medical need. If you feel your symptoms are changing while you are waiting please tell the midwife.

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