Beginning this weekend, Sunday 15th September, we’re introducing an Electronic Health Record for patients attending the Gynaecology Service.

As part of a National Implementation project for the introduction of an Electronic Patient Record (EPR), the Rotunda will be one of the first hospitals to introduce the digital version of the traditional paper-based record on 15th Sep 2019 for patients who are being cared for in our Gynaecology service.

This is an extension of the successful conversion to the Electronic Health Record or Electronic Chart for all mothers and babies (Obstetric and Paediatrics) in the Rotunda which occurred in November 2017

This will mean that in the Rotunda Hospital all future Rotunda medical records will be in electronic format which will support the delivery of the best possible care for you.

Some of the key benefits of having the electronic record include:

  • Improved patient care as a result of standardised communication, reliable source of information and supported decision making for effective, timely planning of care.
  • Real time patient information recording
  • More effective and efficient recording of information reflecting best standards in documentation, resulting in more ‘Time to care’.
  • Improved medication safety by optimising and standardising medication use processes
  • Enhanced clinical audit and research locally as a result of better quality data.
  • Informed business intelligence that will drive local and national management decisions.

In the implementation stage Please accept our apologies for any delay you may experience at your upcoming gynaecology appointment as our staff adapt and become familiar with the new electronic patient record.