Important update: The Rotunda Hospital have made the decision to apply further restrictions to our visiting policy.
The additional restrictions apply in addition to previous restrictions;

For women or their partners who are COVID-19 positive, have suspicious COVID-19 symptoms, or have had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, their partners will not be allowed attend the Rotunda during labour and birth.

This measure is for a number of reasons;
1. Because of our limited space in our Delivery Room and Operating Theatre, and our limited supply of Personal Protective Equipment, we cannot provide appropriate protection for an extra person in these areas.
2. Given that a new mother with COVID-19 infection may become quite unwell during the postpartum period, it will be crucial for her partner to be kept as healthy as possible at home to care for her and their potentially vulnerable newborn.

For all women admitted for induction of labour – partners will only be allowed to join the mother when active labour is established and the patient has been moved to a single-occupancy room. This measure is to reduce the risk of transmission of infection in the Induction ward and across the Hospital.

We regret this difficult decision, but have made it for the safety and welfare of all. We want to reassure you that, while we know we cannot replace your birth partner, our midwives and doctors will care for you, support you, and be with you every step of your labour journey at this difficult time.

We are still allowing partners in for the birth, provided neither mum nor her partner are COVID positive, have suspicious COVID symptoms, and have not had contact with a confirmed COVID case.

For parents in the NICU, we are also taking the extremely difficult decision to limit visiting to mothers only, for a period of no more than 15-30 minutes per day. Our NICU parents are the strongest, most resilient parents and the ones most dedicated to their baby’s wellbeing. We know how heartbreaking this time will be for them, and we hope to work with them to get through these challenging times together.

You can keep up to date on our Visiting Restrictions at rotunda.ie/visitor-information/

You can view our dedicated COVID-19 page on rotunda.ie/covid19

And, we have a dedicated COVID-19 helpline on 01 817 2575

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